Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Pics + Pups" Day

"Pups + Pics" Day is a day I spend with a dog walker from Pupsicles Dog Care (

The morning was filled with freezing our *tails* off, hanging out by fire hydrants, googling over the CUTEST dogs in the world, throwing toys, being *body checked* by larger dogs and then freezing our *tails* off again.

Lauren, the lucky dog walker for the morning was hilarious and genuinely cared about each dog. Especially Baloo - may he rest in peace....

Who could not love a little yellow lab puppy? Roux was about as CUTE as they get? Eating and playing with everything that moved for her little potty break.

As Lauren would say, "Roux is Stinkin' Cute!"

Of course - we found a fire hydrant to make MORE yellow (he, he)

Lucy is ahead on Round 56 ~

Check out Oliver and the Twist Turn!

I was playing around with some BW techniques and I got this little gem ~ I definitely had to stop and catch my breath with this image....

FLOPPY lab ears + SOFT Gallop + Major "Body Checking" ~ I think this is right before Oliver "body checked" me. He did it maybe 2 or 3 times and then I was deemed OK to hang out with him and Lucy. What a "doggie" character!

Lauren made some crazy noise and I think it startled Oliver ~ look at that ALERT standst!

This was Baloo (like the Jungle Book) ~ he was a 14 year old chow. I spent just a few moments with him. He never got up when I was there. He just sat at the sliding door unmoving....staring out the sliding door...As I photographed him ~ I could *feel* peace within him. I never got to meet him again. He passed away last Sunday peaceful with his mom.

Rest in Peace Baloo ~ You are in a better place with unlimited treats and belly rubs...

Thanks Lauren & Pupsicles for a Wonderful (and FREEZING!) morning!

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