Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mindy ~ Noble Beast ~ Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

Watching Mindy from Noble Beast ( train dogs is like watching two professional dancers doing the tango (Yes - visualizing "Dancing with the Stars" works too). I had the pleasure of attending one of her classes at the Playful Pooch by Stapleton ( Will & Brenda Miller (the friendliest people in the world) have one of the cleanest doggie daycares I have ever walked into (I mean WOW clean!).

Mindy carefully instructs the class and then has the owners work on one skill at a time. Mindy walks around the room and gives *serious* One-On-One attention to each "dog"mate. Each dog also received "Puppy Paper Homework" at the end! Too cute!

Sophia - Look at that FACE ~

Duffy ~ Small. Fast. Stinkin Cute.

Milo - Hello "melt my heart in 2 seconds doggie look" ~

Thank you Mindy for sharing the morning with me! Any pooch in your "dog training hands" is a lucky pooch!

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