Friday, January 22, 2010

January Woof Of the Month

This is probably one of my last blog posts with Blogger. (Thank you Blogger!) sniff...sniff. I am so SUPER excited to show you my new blog! COMING SOON! (can't you just smell the suspense?!?!?)

Pica + Family is our January "Woof of the Month"!

Pica is a Beautiful odd-eyed Samoyed/Husky/Malamute mix from Denver. She plays ball with Anne + Matt (and their new edition Evan - Mr. Cute Pants).

Lately, I have had lots of people requesting me to photograph their family or engagement sessions. The answer is "YES! BUT my one request is that your dog or cat be with you" AND be prepared to have a "creative twist" to your family photos ~ See Photo Below

Thank You Anne + Matt + Pica for a Woof-Tas-Tic session!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rico - Big Wet Puppy

Rico is a sweet golden retriever puppy trapped in an an adult dog body. Kind of like a teenager waking up in the morning to nice long legs and unsure how to use them. Rico is limber and quick but still not quite sure of the size of his new body.

Rico (Suave - whew! I just had to get that off my chest!) dotes on his owner's every word. Greg is the owner and a good friend.
Greg lost his golden one year ago. It was due time for a new golden in his life! I am so happy for Greg and the new puppy in his life!I was honored to photograph the new member in his family! Thank you Greg!

Rico after his "bird bath". During the middle of the shoot, Greg and I started talking and Rico decided it was a good time to find a DEAD bird and ROLL in it! Honestly! Of course, we went back home and needed a little *hose* bath ~

I love puppy toes and noses ~

All puppy and fun with ears flopping in the wind ~

Awwwww! Sweet brown eyes ~ yes you can have another treat.

Silliness + Noses

Which way did the ball go Rico?

I think this is right after he ROLLED in DEAD BIRD! Yuck! (I think he is laughing at us!)

Greg went to Rock Island High School (good ol' Rocky) so we decided to take a little walk over to the high school and grab a couple a pics in front of the "Rock" of Rock Island High School.

I FEEL the dog getting wet in these pics - looks at the droplets slide off his back ~

Scratches + Getting Clean - what a combo!

Water Droplets + Wet Floppy Ears

Thanks Greg + Rico!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Photobooks + Fun with Light Tents

So this is what happens when I get something new ~ I use it A LOT! So the light tent is a semi-permanent fixture on my dining room/art table. The cats are very intrigued (and slightly confused) with this giant white structure.

I just got in a super fantastic "Coffee Table" photo book for one of my fav clients. I just had to e-mail her photos of it (even though she will see it in a few days!).

I just LOVE how it turned out! (I get excited about the littlest things!)

The Front of the book ~

The Back of the book ~

It started with the luscious blues and rich browns on the cover and moved to the high glossy pages that seem to gently slip through my fingers... The dogs look great and the book has a nice solid weight - perfect for a cup of coffee with friends and ready for lots of "ohs and ahs" with friends and family.

The Fabulous Lay Flat pages

So would you buy a book like this for your favorite furry buddy?
Feedback...Feedback...Feedback please ;-) Woof!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New 2010 Photo Packaging

I LOVE my new photo packaging for 2010! My husband surprised me with custom printed pizza boxes (sizes 10", 12", 14", 16") for my photos and canvases this year. What a sweetheart! As a side note: my husband and I own a local pizza box printing company in Denver.

This was completely his idea. One day this fall, I was talking about customizing photo boxes for my clients. He started to laugh and said, "why don't you just put the photos in one of our pizza boxes?". Well....yeah I guess that would work. He didn't mention it again (sneaky guy).

I have yet to put a canvas in one but I am SUPER excited to try it out on my next customer order.

What a wonderful (and thoughtful) surprise! Thank you!

PS I also got a chance to try out my new Light Tent. The set up is called the "Cowboy Studio". Strange name but great setup. Lights were plenty powerful and the light tent is HUGE. My 4 year old wanted to get in it and play (that idea was nixed immediately!).

So what do you guys think?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Pics + Pups" Day

"Pups + Pics" Day is a day I spend with a dog walker from Pupsicles Dog Care (

The morning was filled with freezing our *tails* off, hanging out by fire hydrants, googling over the CUTEST dogs in the world, throwing toys, being *body checked* by larger dogs and then freezing our *tails* off again.

Lauren, the lucky dog walker for the morning was hilarious and genuinely cared about each dog. Especially Baloo - may he rest in peace....

Who could not love a little yellow lab puppy? Roux was about as CUTE as they get? Eating and playing with everything that moved for her little potty break.

As Lauren would say, "Roux is Stinkin' Cute!"

Of course - we found a fire hydrant to make MORE yellow (he, he)

Lucy is ahead on Round 56 ~

Check out Oliver and the Twist Turn!

I was playing around with some BW techniques and I got this little gem ~ I definitely had to stop and catch my breath with this image....

FLOPPY lab ears + SOFT Gallop + Major "Body Checking" ~ I think this is right before Oliver "body checked" me. He did it maybe 2 or 3 times and then I was deemed OK to hang out with him and Lucy. What a "doggie" character!

Lauren made some crazy noise and I think it startled Oliver ~ look at that ALERT standst!

This was Baloo (like the Jungle Book) ~ he was a 14 year old chow. I spent just a few moments with him. He never got up when I was there. He just sat at the sliding door unmoving....staring out the sliding door...As I photographed him ~ I could *feel* peace within him. I never got to meet him again. He passed away last Sunday peaceful with his mom.

Rest in Peace Baloo ~ You are in a better place with unlimited treats and belly rubs...

Thanks Lauren & Pupsicles for a Wonderful (and FREEZING!) morning!

December "Woof of the Month"

Sophia is our December "Woof of the Month"!

I met Sophia at a dog training session with Mindy Jarvis (Dog Trainer Extraordinaire) from Noble Beast ( Sophia would stop and give me "the look" and then trot away like "Jock", the Scottish Terrier in Lady and the Tramp.

I LOVED the Texture + Fur + Personality Sophia dispayed in the short time we were together. Thank you Sophia!

Spring and early summer is starting to fill up! Book your appointment today!
Please note: a $50 deposit is required at time of booking to hold dates in 2010.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pupsicles Holiday Party

A Puppy Party was Rockin last Thursday! A Fabulous time to celebrate Pupsicles Dog Care ( Humans and canines alike indulged in peanut butter cookies, yummy appetizers and wine (of course!).

Heidi and Calvin get a tasty treat from Suzy ~ is that a pizza bagel?

Calvin ~ yes...anything for a treat please!

Suzy giving some love to Calvin ~ Look at that precious little tongue!

So is this what Suzy looks like right before she kisses a "non-canine" too?

Melissa & Suzy - the Lovely Hostess' of the night!