Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue + Denver Nuggets

Big Dogs + Denver Nuggets + Lots of Slobber? Of course, I am there! (I admit...I could do a little WITHOUT the slobber part) ;-)

The Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue organization held an event to help rescue dogs find "forever" homes at a Nuggets game right before Thanksgiving. A fab idea that helped two of the dogs from that night find forever homes!

Laughing mastiff~

OK - Floppy ears on a Great Dane make my heart TOTALLY melt. I sat and looked at this photo FOREVER ~

Bliss. Love. Cuddly Mastiff. Done.

These were my two little helpers for the night with Brutus. Look at his ribs ~ he was found starving and tied up in a backyard a week before this photo was taken. Thank goodness he was rescued and I hear that he is a VERY healthy eater now. ;-)

Look at the ROSE and BLACK nose on this beauty!

I could not contain myself! I LOVE a Great Dane's "whip-like" tail. Wow...if I keep going to these events - I am going to have to take one of these Great Danes home with me!

If you are thinking about donating to an rescue organization - I HIGHLY suggest Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue. Check them out -

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