Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coffee With Gittel

Coffee with "supermodel" Gittel was a treat in and of itself ~ Gittel was part of the first "Pups + Pics" day with the fab Suzy Costello of Pupsicles http://www.pupsiclesdogcare.com/, dog walking/care.

I think I scared my friend Suzy a little when I showed up in hot pink sunglasses with a little *bling* on the corners (for the record - I was driving my husband's car and these were the ONLY sunglasses available ~ yes...very weird I know).
Pics + Pups Days are mornings I spend with Suzy or another one of her dog walkers visiting with pups, taking a few pictures, and giving lots of belly rubs.

Thanks Gittel for having a little coffee with the ladies! And Thank You Suzy http://www.pupsiclesdogcare.com/ for introducing me to "supermodel" Gittel!

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