Thursday, November 12, 2009

Peek-A-Woof Meadow + Summit

“Sparkle Farkle” (aka Meadow) + Summit – Before meeting these two big, gorgeous Bernese mountain dogs, the owner, Bev had warned me about Summit. He takes his time meeting you and just “needs to be ignored at first” said Bev. Meadow, on the hand, would come right over and give love as if she were your best friend forever (oh, and her nickname is “Sparkle Farkle”) said Bev. I immediately knew who was “Sparkle Farkle” as Meadow rushed over to meet me with those big, brown Berner eyes. Summit took his time sniffling me and my bag of goodies but I was soon accepted to the “pack” and he was ready to play in the snow faster than I could say “cheese” (Okay – just for the record…I NEVER ask the dogs to say “cheese” but I might have cheese in my purse on some occasions).

I just could not stop looking at this pic - I think it is the angle of the foot with the gorgeous red in the back? I just love it ~

Summit has a unique beautiful blue eye on the left side ~

Summit in his classic pose with one paw up on a rock- Bev did you train him to "ham it up" like this?

Okay - watching 2 large Berners running towards you while you are lying on the ground is quite the experience! It kind of felt like 2 LARGE, FURRY buses were moments from plowing me over!

A quiet moment with Summit ~

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pic! This picture shows EXACTLY their 2 personalities to a "t". Summit is the serious, strong type and Meadow (aka Sparkle Farkle) is laughing and smiling almost saying, "That silly Summit!". If only dogs could talk ~

Meadow - in all of her Berner Beauty ~

Playing with dad in the snow ~

Whew! Meadow was pooped after the photo shoot....and so were the humans... Thank You! Woof!

The morning was filled with bounding in the snow, chasing squeaker balls and enjoying the breathtaking views of the mountains in Evergreen, Colorado. Ahhhh…a warm sunny day in the mountains with two big, gorgeous Berners and their loving owners…it doesn’t get better than this ~

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bev said...

Wow Jaime! Thank you so much for the amazing photos and a spectacular day. Your work is just incredible and I don't know how we will ever be able to choose.
Can not wait to see the rest. Next time we shall add bunnies!
Hugs from Bev, Kerry, Summit & Sparkle Farkle.