Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Peek-A-Woof Koda & Kaia

Boisterous Koda & Mighty Kaia – I don’t think I have ever met a Bernese that was SO excited about…well…EVERYTHING! All 75 + lbs of her met me at the door ready to go. Kaia, on the other hand, decided to hang out in Amanda’s room until Koda checked out this new stranger. After everyone calmed down and sniffed every lens in my bag, Koda and Kaia were ready for their “close-ups”.

Koda was happy to consume ALL of my attention while Mighty little Kaia was brushed aside. We decided to rotate the girls so everyone had equal “red carpet” time. Our morning consisted of “borrowing” snow from the neighbor’s yard for some snow shoots (thank you people I don’t know!), globs of peanut butter (he, he) and taking a brief stroll down Old Pearl Street.

A very FAB store called “5 Green Boxes” (www.5greenboxes.com) let us use their BEAU-TI-FUL store front. Lots of turquoise & lime greens caught our eye as we perused this little “treasure” of an area near Washington Park. It was a delightful morning with Amanda & her Boisterous and Mighty ladies!

I just "happened" to be laying flat on the sidewalk to capture this gem!

Back to Old Pearl Street - I love the tails moving in unison - just waiting ~

Bernese eyebrows just jump out at you ~

I Love this pic - Kaia (with her mighty pose again) blinks as if in disgust with this "silliness" ~

The "borrowed" snow from the neighobor's yard worked great!

I could "feel" Koda brush up against Amanda's leg when she did this....sigh...such a love connection ~

And the peanut butter was flowing that morning....he, he. Koda is sticking her tongue out at us for putting it on her nose ;-) You know she loved it...

all puppy....

Kaia - LOVE THIS! Look at that mighty Kaia pose (cool hand in the window too) Love that color with her ~

Thank you Amanda, Koda & Kaia! Woof!

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