Friday, November 6, 2009

"Surprise" Package - NEW!

Introducing for the holiday NEW, SUPER Woof-Tastic Package....

The "Surprise" Package ~ NEW! For the Holiday Season! Give that special someone the Uber-UNIQUE gift of lasting memories of their favorite dog or kitty.

It includes all of the good stuff of my "Close To Home" Package...
~Includes one hour at your home or a local park, 1 or 2 pets, private online gallery of 35-40 professionally edited pictures, travel time up to 30 miles from Morrison, toys during the shoot, post-shooting gallery review, short story creation on Facebook and Blog, and $75 photo credit.

But the added extra is...
~ a Gift Card to give to that special someone explaining their "Surprise Package" gift that is secretly (shhhhh) mailed to you before the hoildays. That means YOU have to do zip, zip-o, zip-o-matic, zippity-do. All the work is done for you. You get the joy of watching that special someone open up a card and see pure happiness in their face! And the total cost is only $300 (+ tax).

Order today! E-mail me at or call me 720.884.6573 to order your "Surprise" Package today!

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