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Mile High Dog Magazine Winter Edition Released!

Jingle. Jingle. Woof! The Winter Edition is here with Jaime Rowe Photography and the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation Cover Contest Winners - Beaujolais + Beignet on the COVER!!!!!!!

A Big Thank You to Marleen Puzak, Beaujolais + Beignet mom, Kanon Collective ( for letting us use their beautiful red doors, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation ( and Mile High Dog Magazine ( for making this dream become a reality! Thank You! Woof!

The Full Article by Bree Ervin (

Simple Bark + Meow Art
By Bree Ervin

"Every now and then you meet someone so passionate and excited about their job that it just radiates off them and draws you in to their light. Jaime Rowe is one of those people. A relatively new addition to the Denver scene, Jaime Rowe is your dog’s best friend. Your cat’s too. Next time your dog, or cat, does that impossibly cute thing that makes your heart melt and your eyes smile, think of Jaime. She’s Denver’s hottest new pet photographer.

Looking at the gallery of pictures that Jaime has taken and hearing her tell the stories behind each and every one I was struck by the glow in her voice. When I called her out on it she blushed and admitted, “I take so much personal pleasure, I almost feel selfish.” But looking at the photos the first thing that struck me was how completely blissed out her clients were. Jaime isn’t your average pet photographer. She doesn’t have a studio and she shies away from stiff portrait photos. “I want to capture the essence of each animal, that thing that the owner loves the most, the happiest moments when they’re really just in their element.”

Jaime reminds me that our time with our pets is short, something that people often forget. She likes knowing that she is giving her clients a precious moment, frozen in time, that will be theirs to keep forever. In order to accomplish this Jaime sends every new client a brief questionnaire so she can get to know her subjects even before she begins the photo shoot. It asks things like “What is your name, and how did you get it?” “What kind of dog/cat are you, what do you look like?” “What are your favorite things to do?” “Are you an introvert or an extrovert?” “If you had to describe your personality in one color, what color would it be?” Then Jaime goes through the answers looking for things that will make the photo shoot fun for each pet and meaningful for each “parent”.

But why hire a professional? Your iPhone takes pictures, right? Sure, but it won’t get down on the ground and roll in the grass with your dog waiting for that perfect moment to snap. It won’t catch that perfect prance just as your best friend realizes you’re home and comes bounding over to say hello. And it sure can’t capture all of you playing together in the glow of a golden Rocky Mountain sunset. Jaime’s pictures tell a story. Her artistry not only captures a memory, it elevates it, each picture conveying the irrepressible joy that our pets give us. Jaime offers more than just your average print package too. “My biggest seller is my canvasses; they last forever and are really top quality.” She also offers beautiful hard cover photo books, calendars, cards and more.

Jaime has a knack for bringing out the best in her subjects, whether it’s a pink tongue curling up over a fuzzy white nose, a perfect water arc as two best friends run through a creek together, or that quintessential aloof cat begging to be rubbed in just the right place, Jaime knows just when to shoot.

More than just a pet photographer, Jaime is also an avid supporter of many local animal charities including The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Association, The Denver Dumb Friend’s League, The Cat Care Society, Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue and even the Denver Zoo. She donates time, photography and money in an effort to give back to the community and to the organizations doing the most to help her favorite clientele.

Meanwhile her private client list is growing as word spreads of her amazing gift with animals. Photo sessions start at $275 for a one to two hour photo shoot in the location of each pet’s choosing. “Cats usually want to be photographed at home; dogs like to take me to their favorite park or hiking trail.” Jaime confided that she always keeps a full change of clothes in her car for after every shoot. “I’m always covered in mud, or worse.” But getting down and dirty with her clients is just one of the many things that Jaime loves about her job!

To learn more about Jaime Rowe Photography check out her website at, call her at 720-884-6573 or e-mail"

Thank you Bree! Woof!

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