Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Hairless in Denver" - Sally, Bop, Nick & Tiera

Four Hairless beauties took center stage last Saturday morning in Ken Caryl valley in the Rocky Mountains. Sally, Bop and Nick (all Chinese Crested) and Tiera (a Pervian Inca Orchid – sounds like some mysterious foreign flower, right?) showed up very early in their tie-dye pj’s . Their owners were armed with Cheerios and leashes.

Sally (the odd-eyed Chinese Crusted) was not so happy to see me. She is definitely the “ring leader” and lets all strangers or other unknown four-legged animals that she will “fix their wagon” if they get to close. Here owners informed me that she was not socialized by her breeders (an older couple) so she mostly sticks with her parents and other dog buddies at home.

Bop, her son is happy to follow behind Sally as the wind tosses his stunning mane to and fro.

Nick is the sweetest of the bunch and is happy to please.

Tiera towers over the others with beautiful rose and slate legs. Her ears are HUGE (I was in heaven! Well…when am I not in heaven on a shoot!) Sonja the owner mentioned that Tiera was mistaken for a deer (?!?!?!?) at a hotel at one time.

The “hairless” crew was definitely very busy but once everyone “took off their clothes” and our treat of choice (Cheerios) was displayed – everyone enjoyed the morning and got their close-up….right here….”Hairless in Denver”.

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Tracy said...

I love the chinese crested! I've had two sessions with them... I didn't realize they were so popular!
What a fun lil family!