Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hunter & Guinness - Wisdom vs. Youth

Wisdom vs. Youth – The age-old battle between Wisdom (full of experience and patience) vs. Youth (full of energy and troubling-making – in this case). Hunter (wisdom) and Guinness (youth) were the perfect opposites.

They are both German Shorthair Pointers. Hunter is 6 years old and Guinness just had a doggie 1st birthday. Here is Guinness and his big ol' happy tongue smile -

Their owner, Melissa commented that the breed is usually a pretty *quiet* breed but in the case of Guinness ~ he is happy to bark away his thoughts and concerns.

At one point, Hunter started walking down the garden steps in a crouched down position (literally – Hunter was “hunting”). I look over to my left to see what little furry creature Hunter was hunting and guess who it was? Guinness!!! Guinness was oblivious to the situation and was happily looking across the street with his big pink slobbery tongue hanging out of his mouth!

After the shoot, Guinness decided that he needed a little stretch...I wish I could do that!

I also got a series of Guinness "bum shots"....

The morning was filled with laughter and silliness with these two! Thanks Melissa!

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