Friday, July 17, 2009

Moushu - Carefree + Light

Carefree + Light ~ Have you been around someone that is just Simply Happy? Someone who even has a slight “prance” in their stride? Look at that prance!

Moushu, a Llasa Apso mix was adopted by his owners, Roberta & Aaron when he was a one-year old pup from the Denver Dumb Friends League (LOVE that place!). (He is now a ripe 11 years old and his 12th birthday is on Valentine’s Day! So fitting for Moushu!)I can't get over that tooth!!!!!!

Roberta commented, “The woman who gave him up said he never barked and she wanted a watch dog!”

Everyone needs a little *bum* shot...

So adorable!

Moushu is just pure happiness...

Poor Moushu! It is tough being in the spotlight! Time for a nap ~

Moushu also has a tattoo on his inner leg of a 1 in a triangle…hmmmm. Roberta thought that this might represent the fact that he could’ve been a “show breed” but she was not sure. Well Moushu definitely has an impressive presence full of simple Happiness, Love and a Carefree attitude!

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Keriann said...

Hey Jaime! These are so great! That first one looks like he could have been the model for your logo! How's Denver treating you? Chicago's weather swings are driving me bonkers. Wishing I was in CO right now :)