Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arguss + Cody - Together Forever

Arguss and Cody – Together Forever ~ Have you ever had two pets that were inseparable? Arguss and Cody are two 13 year old black Labrador brothers. “Arguss and Cody are very arthritic and both have survived one bout of cancer,” (brave little guys!) accordingly to their owner Erin and David.

Their sweet white faces greeted me on a warm, sunny Saturday morning. I have a personal affection for Labradors because I have an ol’ lab girl myself (“The Doctor”). Labradors are Pleasers and Lovers and these brothers were no exception to the “Lab” rule.

They hiked up stairs and walked all over the yeard - they were such great sports - now it is time for a little water break - right Arguss?

They paraded around together ~ side by side ~ like good brothers do.

I had to laugh because everything they sat down – they always touched. Even their sweet old paws.

Tails too!

I just can’t get enough of those faces – full of Time and Legacy.

Together again ~

I wonder what Cody is thinking...

I know that their time to limited on this earth but for the time being ~ they are brothers and they will always be together...


Bev said...

What a great tribute to two beautiful canine souls.

blue mutt photography said...

too, too sweet. great photos, I'm sure their parents will cherish them forever.

Jay Herman said...

Wonderful shots...touching.