Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cat Fest 2009 Denver Dumb Friends League

I just got accepted to set up "shop" at the Cat Fest 2009 with the Denver Dumb Friends League July 11th 10-3pm! Here is the Denver Dumb Friends League website: I really love this organization because they do so much for the community and their facility is Top-Notch. The animal's well-being ALWAYS comes first...they rock (end of story).
I will be taking pictures of cats who stop by the booth so please bring your kitty (I have a hair and makeup person on staff for this event - ha, ha). Also if you book a "Close to Home Package" then 5% of the proceeds goes to the Denver Dumb Friends League to help other kitties that need warm and safe homes!

I hope to see everyone there! Now who should I showcase in my booth....choices....choices... ;-) Any suggestions?

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