Friday, June 19, 2009

Henry & Chloe on the Scene!

Are you a “Diva” or a “Lighthearted” Soul? An exquisite “Diva”, Chloe and the “Lighthearted” Soul, Henry walked into my life last week. The beginning of the morning started off with Henry trying to figure a way back into his Natalie’s bedroom so he could curl up in a little warm ball under her bed away from this new “stranger danger” in his house.

Chloe took one look at me and decided that she might consider “tolerating” my existence for the hour (what a Diva!). I once heard this quote and it is very applicable to Chloe, “Dogs have Owners and Cats have Staff”. I have a tortoise myself and understand the high standards they expect of their “staff” (which includes other cats or dogs in the house too!).

Henry decided that he needed to hide but I had a few tricks up my sleeve...

And of course - I have to add an ear pic in here. I have an "unhealthy" addiction to the sensation of cold cat ears!

After introducing toys with feathers and cat-nip bananas everyone calmed down a bit. Of course at the end of the session, guess who curled up in a little warm ball under Natalie’s bed?

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Mark Hayes said...

Beautiful stuff as always.