Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Enzo, Ellie, Buddy, Charlie and Matzo in Boulder!

Did you ever feel that you had to separate your heart FIVE different ways (yes, FIVE!)? Jamie does it every day with her sweet and highly eclectic group of 5 dogs in beautiful Sunshine Canyon in Boulder County. I dubbed her home “dog heaven” with incredible views of the mountains, lots of room to chase your tail and even a place to get a little exercise in the doggie obstacle course down the hill.

The lineup includes: Enzo, a Brussells Griffon, and quite the ham. He is ALWAYS ready for a closeup and would like to be involved with anything the bigger boys are doing.

Ellie- Dutch Shep mix, a quote from their owner, “kinda like a junkyard dog”. She is a 14 year old sweetheart that Jamie saved from a shelter in Florida (she was in the shelter for 6 years until Jamie saved her!). She keeps her distance but always has a kiss ready for Jamie.

Buddy is an American Bulldog “X- big mooselike” according to Jamie. She was spot on! He is a big lover that plays “WUBBA” ALL DAY if he could! (I love the wrinkles on his back legs!)

Charlie, a Golden Retriever, has a heart of gold (what golden doesn’t?). He spent the morning bounding between the rocks, chewing on sticks that were WAY TOO BIG for him and digging random holes with Enzo.

Our last (and most shy) was Matzo. She is a Staffordshire Bull terrier, “low rider weight-pulling dog” according to Jamie. Jamie rescued her from an owner who left her in a “backyard to rot”. She had no intention of letting me even get 10 feet near her! She kept an eye on me the whole time. I needed to get out the long lens for her to even get a shot! I did get maybe 5 shots after I climbed in between some boulders. She came right up to the other side of the boulders and posed – it was so perfect!

What an amazing group of pooches! Now I still need to figure out how Jamie can separate her heart 5 ways when each dog could easily fill one person’s heart completely…

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Tracy said...

We do it too (3 dogs and 2 kitties) but you don't have to separate your heart at all. It's like you have five hearts!! And each one gets filled with love from the furries!