Friday, October 9, 2009

Peek-A-Woof Jazz

Athletic & Proud –Jazz is a black Labrador that loves nature and everything Colorado. His list of activities includes: hiking, skijoring, riding in the car, and hanging out with mom and dad in Colorado. You can see by his strength and proud nature that he gets the most out of life as a black Labrador in Colorado. Having a Labrador myself, I have felt the love and loyalty of a Labrador and being with Jazz - you can definitely feel his love for his parents, Greg and Kim. I was honored to be part of their Saturday morning hike on Mt. Falcon.

Thank You Jazz!


Bev said...

Great athletic dog and beautiful session!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, as always!

blue mutt photography said...

wow - those photos are incredible! I love the dog and the background is to die for.