Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cover Contest Winners!

After much deliberating between the judging committee, we came down to 2 lucky winners for the Cover Dog Contest for Mile High Dog Magazine. The winners are two adorable little French Bulldogs - Beaujolais & Biegnet! The proud owner is Marleen Puzak. Congratulations! We also have our Top 15 dogs! Every dog and owner out there deserves a SPECIAL THANK YOU for braving the cold and supporting a great cause! Thank You! You are ALL Winners! Woof!
Beaujolais & Beignet win a private photo session with Jaime Rowe (me!) and they will also *grace* the cover of the Winter Edition of Mile High Dog Magazine! Congratulations!

Beaujolais - Winner! The smush face and big warm brown eyes (sigh)...

Biegnet - Winner! Look at that little tongue that doesn't quite fit in her mouth ~ SO ADORABLE!

The judges also had some Runners Up - Our Top 15 (in totally random order - I promise!).

Raskal - adorable and sweet little Raskal- he was so cold. Thank goodness his wonderful owner Marianne had his warm carrier with her.

Bailey & those big warm eyes ~

Tyler - stunning example of his breed & remarkable eyes

Joker - What an adorable sweet dog and such a sweet demeanor~

Koda ~ her markings are amazing and lots of playful energy~

Sophia ~ the sweetest dog in the world without an eye - she lost it after a "dog argument" ~

Delilah ~ sweet and warm

Oscar ~ look at the intensity in those boston eyes ~

Spencer ~ I LOVED this dog - a beautiful warm red coat and he was so devoted to his very kind owner ~

Ace - I saw this dog and thought WOW! Stunning markings and outstanding with the camera ~ look at those puppy eyes!

Hann ~ He was so cold and he kept rubbing his head against my head to get warm ~ a heart-breaker

Emma ~ Hello! Big, Warm Boxer eyes (I am melting....)

Olson - Fantastic big eyes and very playful demeanor

Chief ~ Look at that head cock! So Sweet!

Teddy ~ I feel like this is a model shoot with fans on camera right....very kind eyes

Winnie ~ a survivor of a house fire with her sister Mrs. Buttons (owners did not survive - they were brought to the contest with a foster family). They were so gentle and beautiful ~look at the intensity of those eyes ~ you wonder what she remembers....

Chaska - an Honorable Mention for an ol' lady that has given her owner years of loyalty and love...I see the memories in those warm brown eyes...Thank you Debbie ;-)

A Special WOOF! Thank you to all the owners that braved the cold that morning! And a Thank you for all the dogs that made it through the morning under blankets and super cute coats and jackets! You are ALL winners!


Marianne said...

Congratulations to the Frenchies! And as Jamie said - all the dogs are winners - as are their owners.

Amanda Dodds said...

That's sooo great because the Frenchies braved the cold just for the cover dog contest! SUCH cuties!