Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introducing the Cat Care Society's 2010 Calendar Cover

Sanchez, Mr. tuxedo kitty, graces the cover of the Cat Care Society's 2010 Calendar! (

I had the honor of being part of the Cat Care Society's Live Auction at their annual dinner in September of this year. The Cover and one Month of the 2010 Calendar was auctioned off to help feed and shelter homeless cats in the Denver area.

I had the pleasure (truly it was my pleasure) to meet Bob, the owner of Sanchez and Ponder and photograph them in the warm kitchen of the place they call home. Sanchez and Ponder were both rescue kitties that are now VERY well cared for in every way (attention, toys, excellent food and most importantly LOVE). Bob has a very special loving connection with his boys and his love and positive personality permeates his warm, loving home. I told Bob that when I die (knock on wood), I want to come back as one of his cats! Thank you Bob for sharing your time, your "boys" and your support of the Cat Care Society!

And Ponder graces the month of December!

If you are interested in purchasing a 2010 Calendar, please head over to OR drop me an e-mail The calendars should be available at the beginning of November. They are $14.95 each plus tax and can be purchased at the shelter or at Cajun’s Closet Thrift Store. Thank you for supporting such a wonderful organization! Meow!

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