Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bow Wow Buddies - K-9's Against Cancer 5K & COVER DOG CONTEST

The "K-9's Against Cancer" 5K/1 Mile Fun Walk was a wild success for all the dog lovers that braved the snow/icy conditions and 20 degree weather. What happened to Colorado sunny weather? Apparently, the weather "gods" had other plans. This didn't stop the DEDICATED dog lovers of Denver! No sir. Hundreds of people showed up to support the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, Komen Foundation the CSU Canine Cancer Center. The great love for our four-legged family companions WARMED Stapleton Park that morning. :-)

The day started at 6am when my friend and second shooter, Sarah Cutright of Blue Ghost Studios ( called me and told me that she had lost control of her car and plowed down a sign on I-285 coming out of the mountains by Morrison. She (bravely) maneuvered her car back on the highway and proceded to watch other people do 360s and other wild icy unintentional stunts. After Sarah got to our house - we patted her down and made sure that she was in one piece and then assessed the damages. OK - I don't have a picture of the scratch on her bumper but let's just say that a bumper sticker that looked like a band-aid would cover it (the crazy part is that Sarah told me she USED TO have a bumper sticker that looked like a band-aid...riiiigggghhttt).
We got on the highway to head over to the 5K and we were detoured off the highway 2 times because of major accidents. Here is a photo of us directed off the highway for the second time... notice the flares (this was very exciting to my husband who said that if he was a cop that day that he would light all the flares and dance around...) Never a dull moment at our house ~

Suzy Costello from Pupsicles Dog Care ( was our booth buddy (I LOVE booth buddies!). Thank you Suzy for letting us steal your dog treats for some of the shots! The Cover Dog Contestants were so grateful for a little snack on such a cold day!

A Cover Dog Contestant Molly - Beautiful odd-eyed dog with super big ears (my fav!)Plus, Rachael the official "dog handler + keeper of treats" did an awesome job keeping the dogs focused and ready for a treat!

The line outside the booth ~ What wonderful dogs and dog owners I had an opportunity to meet! Thank you for showing up on such a cold day!

I am really hoping that this is for the dog kissing contest...

Sara Jankowiak, Senior Director of the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation with the Top Fundraiser for the event! Thank You! Woof!

Melissa Canaday, Executive Director of Bow Wow Buddies Foundatino speaks before the race kicks off ~

And they are off! Go, Dog, Go!

I loved this big Great Dane! Her name was Gracie and she was FREEZING! She shivered during her headshot! Poor baby!

Me with Sara Jankowiak, Senior Director of Bow Wow Buddies Foundation ~

Me with Jennifer Brauns, Editor of Mile High Dog Magazine, who drove there that morning from Frisco (in the mts) for 3 HOURS just to come to this event. Thank you Jennifer!

Our booth consisted of the Editor of Mile High Dog Magazine (, Jennifer Brauns; Amanda Dodds, Amazing Volunteer for Bow Wow Buddies (; Sarah Cutright from Blue Ghost Studio ( who took all the awesome "event photos", my super fantastic husband, Matt (love you honey!); Dave Shander of Impact Marketing (who designed and made the banners for the event) and his lovely daughter Rachael (who was the official "dog handler + keeper of treats"). Thank you all for the wonderful support during the COLDEST DAY IN THE WORLD! You are all awesome and I can gladly report that everyone still has all of their fingers and toes!

It was an honor to have met and worked with so many wonderful and dedicated dog lovers (and dogs) in the Denver area on the COLDEST DAY IN THE WORLD! (I just had to repeat that phrase again). Why did we wake up on that cold morning and brave the elements?..."Because They're Worth it". Thank You!

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