Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pugs In the Park 2009

Pugs, Pugs, Pugs EVERYWHERE! I met fawn pugs, black pugs, apricot pugs, puggles, cross-breeds, sideways breeds and even a Grand Pyrenees showed up! I enjoyed every pug tail twist and extra L-O-N-G pink pug tongue! I took so many pictures today that I could not possibly fit them on my blog so I picked my FAV 7 and then made an online gallery for all of the pictures. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR PUG ON THIS POST THEN CHECK OUT THIS LINK:

The winner of the Pug Costume Contest was the Mexican Pug Sombrero duo. Unfortunately, I did not get over to the winner's circle fast enough to see the 2nd Place Winner - A Baked Potato (I guess you had to SEE it!) and 3rd Place - the Darth Vader pug.

Thank you everyone that stopped by the booth! It was a pleasure meeting you and your furry family member. ;-)

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