Saturday, September 5, 2009

Doc's 10th Birthday

Doc turns 10! My sweet ol' girl Doc has finally put a decade behind her (sigh). Doc started her life with us in Colorado, moved to Illinois, back to Colorado, tolerated two toddlers pulling her tail, been pushed around by two crazy cats, traveled on countless hikes and road trips (with full tongue extension and wind blowing in her ears!). Doc has been there to lick our tears and is always there to give us “the look” (head cocked to the side with ears propped up) just at the right time. She is the “rock” in the family – Happy Birthday Doc!

We stopped by Three Dog Bakery ( in Greenwood Village and picked up 2 tasty treats - "doggie" carrot cake and PB ice cream! Doc gave them two paws up!

Yippeee! A Surprise (I LOVE surprises!) What did we pick out for you Doc?

While the suspense are a few pictures of Henry and Alex. I think they were partaking in some cupcake action too (tip-off - cupcake circle around Henry's mouth)! Alex is SUCH a ham....

Oh my! What could this be? A Beau-ti-ful collar designed by Fetching Fashions! ( I love their collars! And they are hand-sewn locally too (double plus!). Doc looks so "fetching" in her new Neopolitan Dot collar! What a special doggie birthday!