Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cat Care Society 21st Annual Fundraiser

What a success! The Cat Care Society raised over $28,000 at their Annual Cat Care Society Fundraiser last Sat. night! I was honored to be part of the festivities and took pictures for this sweet and kind group of kitty lovers. I also had an opportunity to "test run" my husband has an assistant (and it was so awesome!). The hamster is definitely running on its wheel with this information....

I love finding people in the crowd who are having a ball ~ their laughter and smiles are so genuine...

I love this guy! He was the LIVE Auction announcer and he is one of the reasons they raised so much money. He was so sweet to me and really "raised the roof" when they auctioned off my 2010 Calendar Cover. They expected it to go for $1000 but he got it up to $1500 and everyone was clapping as the price went higher...super adrenaline rush. Thanks Mr. Auctioneer Man ~

Dinner was top-notch! They had the most amazing turkey and pasta mixes made "per request" ~ I shoveled them in during a photo break (happy gulping). The Cat Care Society knows how to do it right!

Enjoy the pictures! A BIG "M-E-O-W" to all Kitty Lovers out there!

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