Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rico - Big Wet Puppy

Rico is a sweet golden retriever puppy trapped in an an adult dog body. Kind of like a teenager waking up in the morning to nice long legs and unsure how to use them. Rico is limber and quick but still not quite sure of the size of his new body.

Rico (Suave - whew! I just had to get that off my chest!) dotes on his owner's every word. Greg is the owner and a good friend.
Greg lost his golden one year ago. It was due time for a new golden in his life! I am so happy for Greg and the new puppy in his life!I was honored to photograph the new member in his family! Thank you Greg!

Rico after his "bird bath". During the middle of the shoot, Greg and I started talking and Rico decided it was a good time to find a DEAD bird and ROLL in it! Honestly! Of course, we went back home and needed a little *hose* bath ~

I love puppy toes and noses ~

All puppy and fun with ears flopping in the wind ~

Awwwww! Sweet brown eyes ~ yes you can have another treat.

Silliness + Noses

Which way did the ball go Rico?

I think this is right after he ROLLED in DEAD BIRD! Yuck! (I think he is laughing at us!)

Greg went to Rock Island High School (good ol' Rocky) so we decided to take a little walk over to the high school and grab a couple a pics in front of the "Rock" of Rock Island High School.

I FEEL the dog getting wet in these pics - looks at the droplets slide off his back ~

Scratches + Getting Clean - what a combo!

Water Droplets + Wet Floppy Ears

Thanks Greg + Rico!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jaime!!
These are awesome...
Big woof from Rico,

Sudeep said...

Nice snaps.Thanks for sharing.