Friday, January 8, 2010

Photobooks + Fun with Light Tents

So this is what happens when I get something new ~ I use it A LOT! So the light tent is a semi-permanent fixture on my dining room/art table. The cats are very intrigued (and slightly confused) with this giant white structure.

I just got in a super fantastic "Coffee Table" photo book for one of my fav clients. I just had to e-mail her photos of it (even though she will see it in a few days!).

I just LOVE how it turned out! (I get excited about the littlest things!)

The Front of the book ~

The Back of the book ~

It started with the luscious blues and rich browns on the cover and moved to the high glossy pages that seem to gently slip through my fingers... The dogs look great and the book has a nice solid weight - perfect for a cup of coffee with friends and ready for lots of "ohs and ahs" with friends and family.

The Fabulous Lay Flat pages

So would you buy a book like this for your favorite furry buddy?
Feedback...Feedback...Feedback please ;-) Woof!

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