Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last Memorial Day weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a fine artist at a friend's gathering in Denver. Her name is Nicola Grun (with a fabulous South Africa accent!). After sharing some drinks, snacks and chatting about dogs (which all of my conversations seem to circle around too!). I knew there was something special about her. I discovered her passion for art specifically painting. I stole a glance at her work (gasp!) and I was dumbstruck. Simple lines and classic ideas yet modern edge with moments of mystery... Here is one of her fine works (of course I asked for a dog painting sample!).

Here is a little more information about her: "I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to the USA with my family at the end of 1994 during my high school years. I live in the Mile High City – Denver, Colorado. I have written numerous articles for various publications particularly focusing on fine arts, and two years ago began taking painting classes at the Art Students League of Denver. In my spare time I also enjoy biking, playing tennis, snowboarding, cooking, baking, more baking…did I mention baking?…and spending time with friends and family. I serve on the Board of Directors of PHAMALY – www.phamaly.org – and frequently volunteer for the Colorado Aids Project. Send me an email at plum2paint@gmail.com."

She is a wonderful person and an incredible artist - please check her work out. Artist "Woof of the Month" Approval!

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